Movies API

The "TMSDataDirect: Movies API" product offers six distinct queries for a customer to retrieve U.S. and Canadian movies content and create a unique movie-going experience for their users. In depth movie information is provided including descriptions, cast & crew, poster art and photos, as well as ScreenPlay movie trailers. Daily movie showtimes are available for up to seven days out and include Fandango online ticketing.

Please contact us for more information and access to complete specifications.

Movies API Developer’s Guide

Comprehensive documentation to assist a developer in integrating Movies APIs into their applications. You can download a PDF of the guide below:

Schema Documentation

You can view our schema documentation by clicking the link below:

Movies API Query Definitions

Movies in Local Theatres

Showcase a list of movies playing in a local area.

Movie Summary

Present in depth movie information including expanded photos and optional Screenplay video trailer links.

Theatres and Showtimes by Movie

Associate relevant local theatre and showtime information for a movie.

Theatre List

Generate a list of theatres in a local area.

Theatre Showtimes

Provide movies and showtime information for a local theatre.

Future Releases

Highlight future movies opening this week out to 180 days using this query.

Movies API Configurator

To help build each of the six queries with associated options, TMS has created a Movies API Configurator that will generate proper URL requests for each of the six queries.